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“Ye” is the Sichuanese equivalent of the term “bro” in English. To encourage a chill, relaxed vibe to their place, the owners chose it as the restaurant’s name. When you come to eat at Ye, you become buddies with the owners. The restaurant is owned by three Sichuanese friends who have been living in Toronto for over 15 years, all of them masters of different aspects of Sichuan cuisine. For them, Sichuanese skewer-style hotpot takes them back to their childhoods in their hometown and even though skewers hotpot is a very classic specialty in their region, here in Toronto they want to make it approachable and fun for everyone, whether diners have had it before or not.


Skewers hotpot is a classic form of traditional hotpot. Originally from the province of Sichuan, it has taken over the entire country in recent years.  The concept of putting each ingredient on a skewer comes from the idea of making hotpot interactive for the diners. Unlike other styles of hotpot, skewering allows patrons to experiment more with individual items instead of entire plates of the same thing. Moreover, when ingredients are skewered, they can be perfectly immersed in the boiling soup, cooking each bite to perfection.